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Carleton University Department of Systems and Computer Engineering SYSC 2006 ­ Foundations of Imperative Programming ­ Fall 2013 Lab 3 ­ Logic Functions Objective We've observed that many students struggle when writing functions that use boolean logic; i.e., if ­ else statements and the logical operators && (and), || (or), and ! (not). In this lab, you'll design, code and test some functions use these constructs. Attendance/Demo To receive credit for this lab, you must make a reasonable effort to complete the exercises and demonstrate the code you complete. When you have finished all the exercises, call a TA, who will review the code you wrote. For those who don't finish early, a TA will ask you to demonstrate whatever code you've completed, starting about 30 minutes before the end of the lab period. Finish any exercises that you don't complete by the end of the lab on your own time. Also, you must submit your lab work to cuLearn by the end of the lab period. General Requirements For those students who already know C or C++: when coding your solutions, do not use arrays, structs or pointers. They aren't necessary for this lab. None of the functions you write should produce console input or output; i.e., contain scanf and printf statements. You have been provided with file main.c . This file contains incomplete implementations of four functions you have to design and code. It also contains a test harness (functions that will test your code) and a main function that calls these test functions. Do not modify main() or any of the test functions. 1
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Instructions 1. Create a folder named Lab 3 . 2. Launch Pelles C, and create a new project named lab3 inside the Lab 3 folder. The project type must be Win32 Console program (EXE) . (If you’ve forgotten how to do this, review last week’s lab.) You should now have a folder named lab3 inside a folder named Lab 3 (check this).
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SYSC_2006_F13_Lab_3 - CarletonUniversity Lab3LogicFunctions...

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