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Unformatted text preview: gotten how to do this, review last week’s lab.) You should now have a folder named lab3 inside a folder named Lab 3 (check this). 3. Download file main.c from cuLearn. Move this file into your lab3 folder. You must also add main.c to your project: from the menu bar, select Project > Add files to project... In the dialogue box, select main.c, then click Open. An icon labelled main.c will appear in the Pelles C project window. 4. Open main.c. Sample Exercise A function named s e p i has two parameters: le_n _olsepi(Bo wedy _olvcto) Bo le_n_ol eka, Bo aain; Parameter w e d y s t u if today is a weekday, and parameter v c t o is t u if we are on e k a i r e aain re vacation. We sleep in if it is not a weekday or we're on vacation. The function should return t u if we re sleep in today; otherwise it should return f l e as. Solution: the condition, "we sleep in if is not a weekday" can be coded as: i ( w e d y . . f !eka). The condition, "we sleep in if we are on vacation"can be coded as: i ( a a i n . . ince we f v c t o ) . S sleep in if either condition is true, we use the | operator to combine the conditions: | i (wedy| vcto){ f !eka | aain rtr tu; eun re }es { le rtr fle eun as; } Because the "true" clause in the i statement has a return statement, we don't need the e s clause. f le Our solution becomes: _olsepi(Bo wedy _olvcto){ Bo le_n_ol eka, Bo aain i (wedy| vcto){ f !eka | aain rtr tu; eun re } rtr fle eun as; } 2 It is better programming style to write v c t o than v c t o = t u . These expressions aain aain = re mean exactly the same thing, so testing a boolean variable for equality with t u is superfluous. re Likewise, writing ! e k a is better style than writing w e d y = f l e wedy eka = as. Function s e p i has already been...
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This lab report was uploaded on 03/28/2014 for the course SYSC 2006 taught by Professor Schram during the Spring '12 term at Carleton CA.

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