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Unformatted text preview: li_umr; Bo qirlpa(n ep Bo ssme) The function should return t u of the squirrels are playing, otherwise it should return f l e re as. Exercise 5 We are having a party with amounts of tea and candy. Write a function named t a p r y hat has two parameters: e _ a t t ittapryitta itcny; n e_at(n e, n ad) This function returns the outcome of the party encoded as an integer: 0 means bad, 1 means good, and 2 means great. A party is good (1) if both t a nd c n y re at least 5. However, if either t a r e a a d a e o c n y s at least double the amount of the other one, the party is great (2). However, in all cases, if a d i either t a r c n y s less than 5, the party is always bad (0). e o a d i Exercise 6 Write a function named l n _ u that has three integer parameters: oesm itln_u(n a itb itc; n oesmit , n , n ) This function returns the sum of parameters a b nd c However, if one of the parameters is equal to , a . one or both of the other parameters, then the equal values are treated as 0 when the sum is calculated. For example: ● l n _ u ( , 2 3 returns 2 (the two 3's are treated as 0); oesm3 , ) ● l n _ u ( , 3 3 returns 0 (the three 3's are treated as 0). oesm3 , ) Exercise 7 Write a function named c o e f r hat has three integer parameters: l s _ a t _olcoefrita itb itc; Bo ls_a(n , n , n ) This function returns t u if one of b r c s "close" to a differing from a y at most 1) and the other re o i ( b is "far" from a differing from a nd the "close" parameter by 2 or more). ( a Note: the C standard library has a function that r...
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