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Unformatted text preview: depth is known. 245 At the point both a shallowest and a deepest liner setting depth will be known, the liner cannot be set until the shallowest depth is reached, and must be set by the time the deepest depth is reached. It is always desirable to minimize small diameter hole, therefore the deepest liner depth will generally be the objective(Fig.1). 246 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 123 Fig.1 247 It is possible, in some prospect wells, for more than one drilling liner to be required. This will be indicated when the shallowest liner point is deeper than the deepest liner point(Fig.2). 248 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 124 Fig.2 249 Surface Casing Point The last step is the determination of the surface casing setting depth. Assume a setting depth(3000 ft is good first point). Calculate the ΣEMW for design size kick and gain at the assumed depth for the intermediated casing point. Use equations 1,2, and 3. Compare the ΣEMW to the fracture gradient at the assumed depth. If the ΣEMW is greater then the fracture gradient, the surface casing point...
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