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Unformatted text preview: aracteristic of kick loading is the existence of two or more fluids in the well bore: the mud being drilled with at the time of the kick, and the influx fluids. The position of these fluids in the borehole is important(Fig.19). 169 Fig.19 Burst Design-Fixed End Pint Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 170 85 The determination of the lengths of the lengths of the columns of mud and gas may be accomplished by solving the following simultaneous equations: 1) X+Y=SD (Eq.3) 2) Ps+XGm+YGg=Injection Pres.=0.052(FG+SF)SD (Eq.4) Where: X=Length of mud column(ft) Y=Length of gas column(ft) SD=Setting depth of the casing(ft) Ps =Surface Pressure (Psi) Gm=Gradient of heaviest mud weight to be used (psi/ft) Gg =Gradient of gas FG =Calculated Value (ppg) SF =Safety Factor 0.052 =Conversion factor (psi/gal/lb/ft) With the simultaneous solution of the equations, the lengths of the respective columns of fluids become known, and the resulting load line is as illustrated in Fig.20. By plotting this burst resisting, backup...
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