21 burst design fixed end point 173 a designed factor

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Unformatted text preview: load, and subtracting it from the burst load line, the net pressure load at each depth increment can be determined(Fig.21). 172 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 86 Fig.20 Burst Design-Fixed End Point Fig.21 Burst Design-Fixed End Point 173 A designed factor is deemed necessary to allow for wear, it is applied to the resultant burst load to obtain the design line. It is applied and the design line shown in Fig.22 is created. Starting at either end of the design line, plot the published values of burst strength for the least expensive weight and grade of casing that exceeds the design load. The section length is determine by intersection with the design line. The strength of the next applicable weight and/or grade can be plotted to intersection, and this procedure repeated until the string is completed designed for burst(Fig.23). 174 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 87 Fig.22 Burst Design-Fixed End Point Fig.23 Burst Design-Fixed End Point175 “Limited Kick” Design The sequence of cons...
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