5 shale cuttings characteristics the shape of the

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Unformatted text preview: porosity in abnormal pressured formations, the total saltwater content of the rock will increase. The drilling fluid used to drill these formations any increase in chloride content. 5. Shale Cuttings Characteristics: The shape of the drilled cutting s observed at the shale shaker can be a pressure indicator. When the hydrostatic pressure is much greater than the formation pressure, it becomes increasingly more difficult to remove the cuttings under the bit before they are reground into small cuttings. So large cuttings at the surface indicate small differential pressures. Fig.2 Generalized Shale Density Plot (Pg.5) Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 65 6. Supplemental References • • • • Shale Densities Key to Safer, Faster Drilling Application of Drilling Performance Data to Overpressure Detection Slide-Rule Correlation Aids ”d” Exponent Use Field Verification of The Effect of Differential Pressure on Drilling Rate 131 Section 5 Fracture Gradients 132 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 66 1. Land Operations Fracture gradients are dependent upon a number of variables. The most important of these v...
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