C calculate the number of 93 stands pulled wo filling

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Unformatted text preview: ht is 16.8 ppg. A stand length is 93 ft. Collar displacement is 0.0390 bbl/ft and the collar capacity is 0.0080 bbl/ft. the 7” *8 ½” annular capacity is 0.0226 bbl/ft. C. Calculate the number of 93 stands pulled w/o filling up so that the hydrostatic pressure is reduced by 0.3 lb/gal. Equivalent mud weight. 123 Solution: 16.8#mud-10,000ft. depth ×0.872psi/ft=8720psi 16.5#mud-10,000ft. depth ×0.857psi/ft=8570psi Difference in hydrostatic pressure=150 psi 93’ ×0.00663 bbls/ft=0.6166 bbls 0.6166/0.0642=9.604 ft 9.604 ×0.872psi/ft=8.375 psi 150/8.375=17/91 stands 124 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 62 Section 4 Abnormal Pressure Detection 125 There are a number of causes of abnormal pressures: 1. Topographical relief 2. Salt dome structures 3. Shale diapirism 4. Uplift and erosion 5. Underground blowouts 6. Repressurization through secondary recovery methods 7. Osmotic phenomena 8. Diagenesis Phenomena 9. Rapid deposition and resultant under compaction Copyright(c) 20...
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