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Unformatted text preview: ced along a horizontal (Eq.26) hole could exist if: F> Fcr* 209 Nomenclature: E= Modulus of Elasticity(psi) π ( D − d )( in ) I= Area Moment of Inertia= 64 W= Weight/Length Tube lbm/in. Dh − Dp ( R= Radial Clearance Pipe To Hole= 2 Fcr= Critical Buckling Force ( Simusoldal) lbf. Fcr*= Critical Buckling Force ( Helical) lbf. 4 4 4 )( in ) 210 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 105 Shock Loading When casing is decelerated and the slips set, a compressional shock wave is generated and travels the length of the casing string, if reflected and returns as a tensile wave to the slips. This tensile wave experts a force which, under certain circumstances can be significant, and which might result in casing or coupling damage of failure. 211 Rabia provides the equation describing this force as approximated by: Fs=1.04×103WNV (Eq.27) Where: Fs = Shock Force (lbf) WN = Nominal Casing Weight/Length (lbm/ft) V = Average Velocity of Casing (ft/sec) The peak force is assumed as twice the average force and the average r...
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