In general all casing should be landed as cemented ie

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Unformatted text preview: e as necessary, the burst dictated sections. 196 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 98 Conductor Casing Design The procedure for calculating maximum allowable compressive loads is provided by Goins, Collings, and O’Brien in “ A New Approach To Tubular design”. In general, all casing should be landed as cemented: I.e., since most casing is set off bottom, the buoyed weight of the casing should be set on the hanger. Sometimes it is even advisable to consider pulling additional tension after cement sets and prior to hanging the casing string. 197 Columnar Buckling General Equations And Constant Range Algorithms Lower Range: P/A=C1-C2(L/r)2 C3 Upper Range: P / A = (Eq.16) (Eq.17) C1=2077.841+601.749(MYS)-71307.143/(MYS) C2=0.08327-0.002154(MYS)+0.0003154(MYS)2 C3= -4328.3964+1526.1125(MYS)-64670.1155/(MYS) C4=-1.6841E-5+3.91E-6(MYS)-(1.1285E-4)/(MYS) Range=93.2024-0.22431(MYS)+3030.91/(MYS) (Eq.18) (Eq.19) (Eq.20) (Eq.21) (Eq.22) 1 + C 4 (L / r)2 Where: MYS = Minimum Yield Stren...
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