Mud weight 131 ppg swab consideration 03 ppg formation

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Unformatted text preview: epth. Intermediate Casing Point Determination ΔP=(MW-FP)(0.052)(Depth) 2400 = (MW-9.0)(0.052)(11,100) & MW = (2400+9.0*0.052*11,100)/(0.052*11100) & MW = 13.1 ppg If the swab consideration is subtracted from this mud weight, the formation pressure into which intermediated casing can be set w/o exceeding the 2400 psi allowable differential pressure can be determined. Mud Weight =13.1 ppg Swab Consideration = 0.3 ppg Formation Pressure = 12.8 ppg A formation pressure of 12.8 ppg exists at 12550 ft. See (Fig.5). Therefore 260 12550 ft is the intermediated casing point. Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 130 Fig.5 261 Drilling Liner Interval Knowing the depth to which intermediate casing is to be set, and the formation pressure an fracture gradient associated with that setting depth allows determination of the tentative deepest point to which the liner can be set. Design fracture gradient = 18.0 ppg Safety factor = 0.2 ppg Minimum fracture gradient = 17.8 ppg Surg Consideration = 0....
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