Pinjection pressure at liner setting depth psi

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Unformatted text preview: est Mud Planned For use Below the Liner(feet) Y=Length of Lightest Influx Fluid(Dry Gas)(feet) SDL=Setting Depth of Liner(feet) SP=Surface Pressure (psi) GML=Gradient of Heaviest Mud to be used below Liner (psi/ft) Gg=Gas Gradient (psi/ft) Inj.P.=Injection Pressure At Liner Setting Depth (psi) FGL=Fracture Gradient At Liner Setting Depth (ppg) SF=Safety Factor (ppg) 0.052=Conversion Factor (ppg to psi/ft) Fig.34 Burst Design Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 190 95 Production Casing Design Burst Design Maximum loads for burst considerations in production casing are possible from several different sources: 1. Tubing Leaks in gas wells. 2. Treatment pressures for hydraulic fracturing. 3. Surge loading associated with explosive stimulation. 4. Bullheading pressures for killing operations prior to workover. 191 The surface pressure is calculated by: SP=PZP-PZD$Gg (Eq.12) Where: SP =Surface Pressure (psi) PZP=Producing Zone Pressure (psi) PZD=Producing Zone Depth(ft) Gg =Gas Gradient (psi/ft) 1...
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