Pressure method the pressure method is considered

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Unformatted text preview: anner. The method is based on allowing an equal volume of mud to leave the well as that volume of drill pipe entering the well. Pressure Method: The pressure method is considered superior to the volumetric method because a cementing pump is connected to the choke line and is used to pump through the choke at a pressure slightly greater than 119 the well pressure. Plugged Drill Pipe: The drill pipe will become plugged during a well killing operation, when this occurs the plug must be removed or an alternate circulation path must be created by perforating the deepest unplugged interval of pipe. Hole in Drill Pipe: The technique most often employed in plugging the hole is that of pumping a piece or rope down the drill pipe. Excessive Casing Pressure: Excessive casing pressure has often been discussed in an effort to remedy an ill-designed casing string problem. Underground Blowouts: Undergrounds blowouts occur as a result of simultaneous lost circulation and kick problems. This type of kick problem is difficult to control due t...
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