K shut down the pumps and close in the choke l when

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Unformatted text preview: ntain the drill pipe pumping pressure constant at a constant pumping rate, by using the choke to adjust the casing pressure as necessary. k. Shut down the pumps and close in the choke. l. When the pressures on the drill pipe and casing are both zero, then open the annular preventers, circulate and condition the mud, and add a trip margin. 2. Practical implementation of the one circulation method Example 8 (page 33) (1) Pre-Kick Considerations (2) Shut-in and weight up procedures (3) Pump rates (4) Kill sheet preparation (5) Working the pipe (6) Displace the drill pipe (7) Displacing the annulus (8) Post-kick considerations. 94 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 47 Section 3 Special Topics 95 Deep Water-Well Control Problems The two key problems are kick detection and reduced fracture gradients, both of which fail into both of these categories. 96 Copyright(c) 2005 by Ali Ghalambor & Boyun Guo 48 Kick detection Two of the early warning signs of kicks are an increase in flow rate and an increase in pit volume. Install a pit volume totalizing tool(PVT) to detect pit gains. The PVT can automatically...
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