The area under a region of the curve gives us the the

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Unformatted text preview: egion of the curve gives us The the relative frequency or the “probability” that a score falls inside that region. score Normal Distributions Normal Properties: 1) They are continuous over the interval (-∞, ∞) 2) They are Bell Shaped 3) They are Symmetrical 4) The Points of Inflection of the curve are each located 4) at μ ± σ. 5) They are unimodal. Normal Distributions Normal Normal distributions are important because many (but Normal not all) real world things can be modeled by normal distributions. distributions. Examples: Examples: Scores on tests taken by many people (SAT, ACT, AP, etc..) IQ scores Characteristics of homogeneous biological populations Yields of crops Heights of women Lengths of cockroaches Therefore if you know something follows a normal Therefore distribution, you know two things without any work distribution, Notation: Notation: The mean, μ, and standard deviation, σ, The and completely specify a normal distribution. We use the following notation: use N ( μ, σ ) Normal Curves differ amongst each other based Normal on the specified mean and standard deviation. on 1. Shape: symme...
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