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Unformatted text preview: le Continued Continued Since about 68% of the scores are between 390 and Since 590, this leaves 32% of the scores outside this interval. Since a bell-shaped curve is symmetric, one-half of the scores, or 16%, are on each end of the distribution. The figure above shows these percentages What does a smaller σ (or s) imply on a normal curve? What Last Example: Last The army reports that the distribution of head The circumferences among male soldiers is approximately normal with mean 22.8 inches and standard deviation 1.1 inches. 1. What percentage of soldiers have a head 1. What circumference between 21.7 and 23.9 circumference 2. A circumference of 25 inches would be what circumference percentile? percentile? 3. What % have a head greater than 25? Homework: Homework: Read and take notes textbook pp. 102 – 111 Do # 1 & 4 Complete worksheet “Normal Curves Class Normal Exercises” Exercises”...
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