Why if its linear confirms the exponential if

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Unformatted text preview: its linear, confirms the exponential If relationship. relationship. 2. Can find LSRL: Can log ŷ = a + bx 3. We can also find r and r2 3. 1. Exponential Models Exponential Consider the following Consider dataset about the world crude oil production from 1880 to 1970. to Of course, we start Of with a scatter-plot. with Years since Years 1880 1880 Production in Production Millions of barrels barrels 0 30 10 77 20 149 30 328 40 428 50 1412 60 2150 Exponential Models Exponential From the scatter-plot, From we probably suspect the data is not linear. the Production in Millions of barrels 2500 The next slide shows The the family of curves we watch out for. we Barrels in Millions 2000 1500 Production in Millions of barrels 1000 500 0 0 20 40 years since 1880 60 80 Exponential Scatter-plots Exponential Exponential models Exponential appear when there is a constant multiplier. constant For each unit in the x, you For mu...
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