Femur 38 56 59 64 74 humerus 41 63 70 72 84 a

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Unformatted text preview: hs in centimeters of the femur and humerus for five fossil specimens. Femur 38 56 59 64 74 Humerus 41 63 70 72 84 a) Make a scatterplot and find the r value. b) Explain why the value of r matches the scatterplot c) If we changed the length of centimeters to inches would r change? Why? Problem 2 Problem 2 The gas mileage of an automobile first increases and then decreases as the speed increases. Suppose that this relationship is very regular, as shown by the following data on speed (miles per hour) and mileage (miles per gallon): Speed: 20 30 40 50 60 MPG: 24 28 30 28 24 Make a scatterplot of mileage vs. speed. Show that the correlation between speed and mileage is r = 0. Explain why it is zero even though there is a strong relationship....
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