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Unformatted text preview: n encourages our clients to review the publicly available information since only the client can make the ultimate decision. (5) Individual carriers are reviewed from a statutory basis for this exhibit. For the non-US carriers shown above, statutory financials are not available through A.M. Best. (6) The evaluation categories used are one perspective only. Other perspectives may also be appropriate. Each client should choose evaluation categories that suit the client's comfort level. (7) "NR" = Not rated; "NA" = Not available; "Not Rpt" = No statutory financial information available through A.M. Best because this is a non-US carrier; "NR-5" means not formally followed by A.M. Best. (8) This is not an exhaustive list of carriers approved by Aon's Market Security Committee. If you wish to review information for one not listed, please notify your Aon Account Executive. (9) Where the S&P Rating column is blank or says "NR", that means that particular carrier entity does not have an S&P rating. If that entity is in a group or pool, there may be others within the group or pool that do carry a rating. Where S&P has published an ERM assessment for a group; we've shown it for entities within the group, regardless of whether the individual entity has its own S&P rating. (10) New S&P ERM Classification Scale (in descending order): Excellent / Adequate with Positive Trend ("Adequate+") / Adequate with Strong Risk Controls ("Adequate-S") / Adequate / Weak Notes: Do not forget the qualitative factors which are equally important but cannot be measured. Aon does not guarantee the solvency of any carrier profiled in this exhibit. US Carrier Groups and Pools Not Rpt 11.4 (3.1) 2.97 NPW+Res / Surplus 113% 93% Not Rpt Stable Adequate Positive Strong Positive Strong 2.78 NPW / Surplus 112% 98% Not Rpt A+ AAAA- 13.1 Investment Asset Leverage Leverage 117% 107% Not Rpt XV Stable XV Positive XIV Positive 237.2 AY Reserve Development 1yr 2yr 5yr 101% 87% Not Rpt AIG Property & Casualty US Ins...
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