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SOC Notes 10/8/07 LOOK UP THE PURPOSE OF SOCIALIZATION 1) How Socialization works: a) Selective Exposure i) Children are exposed to those behaviors and attitudes considered desirable and sheltered from those regarded as undesirable. (1) Parents, peers, schools, and the media attempt to expose children to sets of values that are supportive of its core values. b) Modeling: i) The process whereby children exhibit behavior to which they are repeatedly and systematically exposed. (1) Begins with observing the behavior of significant others and with retention of the images of such behavior (2) The next stage is imitation of such behavior. (3) The behavior is repeated until it becomes habit.
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Unformatted text preview: ii) One cannot model behaviors that to with one is not exposed iii) What role models DO have a greater impact that what they SAY ! c) Reward and Punishment i) The process of reward and punishment reinforces behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that are already being learned through selective exposure and modeling. d) Identification i) Selective exposure and modeling are more effective if the child identifies with the person who is acting as an agent of socialization. (1) By identification, we mean positive feelings toward that individual that lead the child to want to be like that person. 2) “ Hustling” aka a sales pitch...
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