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SOC notes 10-1-07 - and anxiety in the individual-It...

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SOC notes 10/1/07 Cultural Diversity -Subcultures - A segment of a culture sharing characteristics that distinguish it from broader culture -Examples: Race Ethnicity, Social Class, Age, ect. -Can contain within them values and practices that vary from that of the broader culture -A frequent sources of cultural strain -Counterculture -A segment of a culture that possesses values and norms in direct opposition it the broader culture --Examples: Protest movements and Gangs -A frequent source of cultural conflict Multiculturalism -An educational program recognizing the cultural diversity of the United States and promoting the cultural Social Stress -Stress is not always automatically and “individual problem”; rather, stress may be cause by group phenomena -What is the definition of stress? -it can be defined as a heightened mind-body reaction to stimuli inducing fear
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Unformatted text preview: and anxiety in the individual-It typically starts with a situation that people find threatening or burdensome.-Stressful Situations-Devoice-Unpleasant work conditions-High Debut Emily Durkheim-was concerned with those social processes and constrains that integrate individuals into the larger social community. How might society induce stress in people?--Stress can be brought about by the separation of a strongly integrated individual from his or her group.--Stress can be brought by a freedom of society’s constraints--Stress can be brought on during an economic recession via intensified struggle for the basic necessities of life. CHAPTER4!!! Socialization— Nature (sociobiology) vs. Nurture(behaviorism)...
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