2 the government shall in accordance with the

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Unformatted text preview: der sub­section (1) of section 5:­ human habitat; ancient monument; archeological site; forest sanctuary; national park; game reserve; wild animals habitat; wetland; mangrove; forest area; bio­ diversity of the relevant area; and other relevant factors. (2) The Government shall, in accordance with the standards referred to in rules 12 and 13, specify the activities or processes which cannot be continued or initiated in an Ecologically Critical Area. Declared ECAs Declared The Sundarbans­ 7,62,034­ Hectares Cox’s Bazar (Teknaf, Sea beach)­ 10,465 St. Martin Island­ 590 Sonadia Island­ 4,916 Hakaluki Haor­ 18,383 Tanguar Haor­ 9,727 Marjat Baor­ 200 Gulshan­Banani­Baridhara Lake Environmental Conservation Act (ECA) 1995 Environmental 7. Remedial measures for injury to ecosystem.­If it appears to the Director General that any act or omission of a person is causing or has caused, directly or indirectly, injury to the ecosystem or to a person or group of persons, the Director General may determine the compensation and direct the person to pay the same or in appropriate cases to take corrective measures, or do both and the person so directed shall be bound to comply with the direction. (2) If a person upon whom a direction has been issued under sub­ section (1) fails to comply with the same, the Director General may file a suit for compensation in the competent court or file a criminal case for failure to comply with the direction or file both both the of cases. (3) The Director General may impose duties upon any spet and other persons to determine compensation or for adopting corrective measures under sub­section (1). (4) The Government may direct the Director General to adopt any measure under this section and submit report thereon Environmental Conservation Act (ECA) 1995 Environmental 8. Information to the Director General regarding environmental pollution or degradation.­(1) Any person affected or is likely to be affected from the pollution or degradation of environment, may apply to...
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