The gazette notification dated 3 march 1997 through

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Unformatted text preview: the Director General in the manner prescribed by the rules, for remedying the damage or apprehended damage. (2) The Director General may adopt any measures including public hearings for settling an application made under this section. Appeal Appeal Section 14, ECA: Offers an Appellate options against order passed in accordance with the provisions of this Act and Rules. The gazette notification dated 3 March, 1997. Through this Gazette Notification, issued by Ministry of Environment and Forest, formed the appealed authority consisting of Secretary of the same Ministry (Chairman), and other two members include Join Secretary (Development) and Deputy Secretary (Environment) of the same Ministry. Appeal Procedure: Rule 9, 10 and 11 of ECR Environmental Clearance Certificate Section 12­ Environmental Clearance Certificate­ (2010) (1) No industrial unit or project shall be established or under taken without obtaining an Environmental Clearance Certificate from Director General, in the manner prescribed by rules. (2) In case of an industrial unit or project established before the enforcement of this Act, such industrial unit or project must receiving Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) from the date of effective (Bangladesh Environment Conservation (Amendment) Act, 2010). (3) In case of extension of an industrial unit or project, obtaining the Environment Clearance Certificate, in the manner prescribed by the rules. Env. Clearance Certificate, cont. (4) Process and procedure of preparing Environmental Impact Assessment Report Preparation of Environmental Management Plan Judging of Public Opinion Public Access to EIA related Information Formation, structure and Function of the Environment Clearance Committee Determine the Conditions of Environment Clearance Certificate Appeal Procedures and so on (5) Up to date its list of Environment Clearance Certificate given to an industrial unit or project Environment Impact Assessment report preparation and the professional list and qualification Env. Clearance Certificate, Cont. Env. Rules 7. Procedure for issuing Environmental Clearance Certificate.­ (1) For the purpose of issuance of Environmental Clearance Certificate, the industrial units and projects shall, in consideration of their site and impact on the environment, be classified into the following four categories:­ Green; Orange­A; Orange­B; and Red. (2).Industries and projects included in the various categories as specified in sub­rule (1) have been described in Schedule­1. [Schedule­1 is annexed as Annexure 1] ECC, Cont. Rules, ECC, 3. Environmental Clearance Certificate shall be issued to all existing industrial units and projects and to all proposed industrial units and projects falling in the Green Category. 4. For industrial units and project falling in the Orange­A, Orange— B and Red categories, firstly a Location Clearance Certificate and thereafter an Environmental Clearance Certificate shall be issued: Provided that the Director General may, without issuing a Location Clearance Certificate at the first instance, directly issue Environmental Clearance Certificate if he, on the application of an industrial unit or project, considers it appropriate to issue such certificate to the industrial unit or project. (5) The entrepreneur of the concerned industrial unit or project shall apply to the concerned Divisional Officer of the Department in Form­ 3 along with appropriate fees as specified in Schedule – 13....
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