Section 2j of the environment conservation act 1995

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Unformatted text preview: from concerned department for indispensible national importance. Section 6D­ Restriction regarding ship breaking and cutting due to cause pollution­ every ship owner, importer or any person using ship­yard for ship breaking or cutting, such persons definitely compel with that, ship breaking or cutting not to cause any environmental pollution by hazardous waste or creating risk on health. Section 2(j) of the Environment Conservation Act, 1995 defined hazardous substance, as ‘"hazardous substance" means the substance which by reason of its chemical or physio­chemical properties is such that its manufacture, storage, discharge or unregulated transportation can be responsible for the damage of environment; Section 6 (c)­Restriction regarding manufacture, Import , Stock, Loading, transport of Hazardous Waste­ The Government shall, for the purpose of preventing environmental pollution as per as rules, control the manufacture , process stock, loading, transport, delivery, export –import, disposal, dumping etc for hazardous waste. Others Rules Medical Waste (Disposal and Process) Rules, 2008: This Rules, was adopted under section 20 of the Environment Conservation Act, 1995 through gazette notification dated 5 November, 2008. This rules provided the framework of dealing with medical waste generating from different medical centres. Rule 2(e) of the Medical Waste (Disposal and Process) Rules, 2008 defined Medical Waste as: “Medical Waste” means any solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive substance produced eventually by treatment of human being, diagnosing any disease or any research related therewith; and causes negative change of pollution by emission, being thrown or stacked and various types of wastage provided by schedule 1 will also be included in the list. Sound Pollution (Control) Rules, 2006:This Rules ado...
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