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Unformatted text preview: to change the class of the land or it’s any portion, the owner should apply through the correlated authority by writing the cause to the government. Section 9 of the Environment Conservation Act, 1995: Discharge of excessive environmental pollutant etc. [This Section is substituted by Act No. 50 of 2010 titled The Bangladesh Environment Conservation (Amendment) Act, 2010] (1) Where the discharge of any environmental pollutant occurs in excess of the prescribed limit laid by rule or is likely to occur due to any accident or other unforeseen act or event, the person responsible or the person in charge of the place at which such discharge occurs shall be obliged to prevent or mitigate the environmental pollution caused as a result of such discharge. (2) The persons referred to sub­section 1, shall immediately inform the Director General regarding the occurrence or likelihood of such occurrence as mentioned in the said sub­section. (3) On receipt of information under this section with respect to the fact or accident, the Director General shall provide required direction to prevent or mitigate the environmental pollution and such person shall be obliged to act in accordance with the directions of Director general. 4. The expenses incurred with respect to remedial measures to control and mitigate the environmental pollution under this section shall be payable to the Director General and may be realized from persons referred to in sub­section (1) as public demand. (5) Any activates held under sub­section 1, the Director General or any person authorized by him, shall immediately examine the standard of pollutants substances and this examination report it be considered as evident before the court. Section 6 of the Environment Conservation Act, 1995: Restrictions regarding vehicles emitting smoke injurious to environmen...
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