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The unfccc cont guidingprinciplesart3

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Unformatted text preview: naturally to climate change, to ensure that food production is not threatened and to enable economic development to proceed in a sustainable manner.’ The UNFCCC, Cont.. Guiding Principles [Art. 3] Guiding Principles [Art. 3] The benefit of present and future generations of humankind­ Sustainable Development. The basis of equity. Common but differentiated responsibilities. Respective Capabilities. Cooperation The UNFCCC, Cont.. COMMITMENTS [Art. 4] Promote and cooperate in the development, application and diffusion, including transfer of technologies, practices and processes that control, reduce or prevent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. Promote sustainable management, and promote and cooperate in the conservation and enhancement, as appropriate, of sinks and reservoirs of all greenhouse gases. Cooperate in preparing for adaptation to the impacts of climate change; develop and elaborate appropriate and integrated plans for coastal zone management, water resources agriculture, and for the protection and rehabilitation COMMITMENTS OF ANNEX-1 COUNTRIES COMMITMENTS Annex­I Countries: [OECD IN 1992 plus EITS] Returning individually or jointly to their 1990 levels by year 2000­ [EITs Flexible to 1995] Annex­II Countries: [OECD members of Annex 1] Financial and Technical Assistance to Developing countries, particularly LDCs Non­Annex­I Countries Developing countries All countries that are not listed on Annex 1 UNFCCC Financial mechanism UNFCCC Part of the deal for developing countries to sign the UNFCCC was that industrialized countries would help meet their costs of compliance A financial mechanism (fund) was set up to give developing countries access to funds: Art 11. The financial mechanism shall have an equitable and balanced representation of all Parties within a transparent system of governance. Cont…. Cont…. Annex II countries must: Give money to developing countries to help them comply with the UNCCC (eg reporting obligations) Promote the transfer of climate change technology to developing countries The Global Environment Fund (GEF) manages the financial mec...
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