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Thepreparationofnationalcommunicationsfrom nonannex i

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Unformatted text preview: tments lead to binding target under Kyoto Protocol (1997) All Parties are committed to submitting reports on the actions they are taking to implement the Convention. These are known as National Communications and are the most visible Commitment for non­Annex I and Non Annex Parties. ● Annex I Parties must report more often and in more detail. Also required to submit a separate inventory of their GHG emissions every year. ● The preparation of National Communications from non­Annex I Parties is dependent on the receipt of funding and LDC Parties may prepare a national communication at their Background context Kyoto Protocol, 1997 Kyoto Article 4 of UNFCCC, COP­1: Berlin Mandate, launched a new round of talks to decide on legally binding commitments for industrialized countries. After two and a half years of intense negotiations, the Kyoto Protocol was adopted at COP­3 in Kyoto, Japan, on 11 December 1997. Kyoto Protocol require 55 Parties to the Convention to ratify including Annex I Parties accounting for 55 per cent. Entry into force: Following ratification by Russia on 18 November 2004, the Protocol achieved its criteria for entry into force, and 90 days after this date, on 16 February 2005. Cont.. Cont.. Kyoto Protocol, 1997 Objectives The Kyoto Protocol is intended to supplement and strengthen the Convention by creating binding targets on GHG emissions for Annex I Parties. It is founded on the same principles as the Convention and shares its ultimate objective, as well as the way it groups counties into Annex I, Annex II and non­Annex I Parties. It also shares the Convention’s institutions. The COP will also serve as the ‘meeting of the Parties’ (the CMP, formerly the COP/MOP) to the Protocol. The COP Secretariat will serve as the Secretariat to the Kyoto Protocol, and the IPCC will support the Protocol on scientific, technical and methodological matters. Targets of Kyoto Protocol, 1997 Targets An average 5.2 per cent reduction in Annex I Party emissions on 1990 levels during t...
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