22 older workers are usually outgoing and friendly at

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Unformatted text preview: er employees are grouchier on the job. ____ 10. Younger workers are more cooperative on the job. ____ 11. Older workers are more dependable. ____ 12. Most older workers cannot keep up with the speed of modern industry. ____ 13. Older employees are most loyal to the company. ____ 14. Older workers resist change and are too set in their ways. ____ 15. Younger workers are more interested than older workers in challenging jobs. ____ 16. Older workers can learn new skills as easily as other employees. ____ 17. Older employees are better employees. ____ 18. Older employees do not want jobs with increased responsibilities. ____ 19. Older workers are not interested in learning new skills. ____ 20. Older employees should ‘step aside’ (take a less demanding job) to give younger employees advancement opportunities. ____ 21. The majority of older employees would quit work if they could afford it. ____ 22. Older workers are usually outgoing and friendly at work. ____ 23. Older workers prefer less challenging jobs than those they held when they were younger. ____ 24...
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