7 occupational diseases are more likely to occur

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Unformatted text preview: rticularly poor job on an assigned project. Discuss the attribution Beliefs about Older Workers 96 Individual Behaviour Part Two Read each statement carefully. Indicate the response that best tells how you feel about each statement in the space provided. In all cases, older refers to those who are 50 years of age or older. –––1––– Strongly agree –––2––– Agree –––3––– Neither agree nor disagre –––4––– Disagree –––5––– Strongly disagree ____ 1. Older employees have fewer accidents on the job. ____ 2. Most companies are unfair to older employees. ____ 3. Older employees are harder to train for jobs. ____ 4. Older employees are absent more often than younger employees. ____ 5. Younger employees have more serious accidents than older workers. ____ 6. If two workers had similar skills, I’d pick the older worker to work with me. ____ 7. Occupational diseases are more likely to occur among younger employees. ____ 8. Older employees usually turn out work of higher quality. ____ 9. Old...
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