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1 factors that influence perception 70 individual

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Unformatted text preview: xperience —Motivational State —Emotional State Situation Target —Ambiguity Exhibit 3.1 Factors that influence perception. 70 Individual Behaviour Part Two The Perceiver Fortune 500 www.fortune.com/fortune/ fortune500 Perceptual defence. The tendency for the perceptual system to defend the perceiver against unpleasant emotions. The perceiver’s experience, needs, and emotions can affect his or her perceptions of a target. One of the most important characteristics of the perceiver that influences his or her impressions of a target is experience. Past experiences lead the perceiver to develop expectations, and these expectations affect current perceptions. An interesting example of the influence of experience on perception is shown in Exhibit 3.2. It illustrates the perceptions of 268 managerial personnel in a Fortune 500 company concerning the influence of race and gender on promotion opportunities. As you can see, Caucasian men were much less likely to perceive race or gender barriers to promotion than were Caucasian...
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