1 using bruners model of the perceptual process

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Unformatted text preview: me I’ve got these computer printouts. Let’s see … who is this guy? Adams, huh? Eighteen percent below quota. Well, he’ll have to explain that! Isn’t he that tall redheaded guy? I suppose it would be easier if I’d had more chance to meet him. Well, these printouts will have to suffice. Actually, look at this—overall district sales are way up. This Adams is one of four whose sales are down. I’m sure he’ll think of something real creative to explain this. Some of these reps just never learn that sales is just a matter of sweat and blood—good old-fashioned work. These printouts always tell the final story … At 8:40, Bill Squire buzzed his secretary. “Arlene, is Adams … ah, let’s see … Jack Adams here yet?” “Yes, he is, Mr. Squire,” replied Arlene from the outside office. “He’s been here for some time now.” With some hesitation, Bill Squire asked his secretary to send Jack Adams in. Squire: [shaking hands] Good morning, Jack. I hope this meeting doesn’t interrupt your appointment schedule. I made...
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