20 thirty years ago it was mainly caucasian and

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Unformatted text preview: ckground, physical ability, and sexual orientation. The interest in diversity stems from at least two broad facts. First, the North American workforce is becoming more diverse. Second, there is growing recognition that many organizations have not successfully managed workforce diversity. The Changing Workplace As we mentioned in Chapter 1, the composition of the North American labour force is changing.20 Thirty years ago, it was mainly Caucasian and mainly male. Now, changing immigration patterns, the ageing of baby boomers, and the increasing movement of women into paid employment make for a lot more variety. People of Asian and Hispanic background have become a growing segment of the labour pool. Immigrants from all parts of the world to Canada are making the Canadian popu- Chapter 3 Perception, Attribution, and Judgment of Others lation and labour force increasingly multicultural/multiethnic. Not only is the labour pool changing, but many organizations are seeking to recruit more representatively from this pool so that they employ people who...
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