24 such stereotypes often contain contradictory

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Unformatted text preview: ental changes (i.e., reactions should be faster and at less cost). Personal experience is unnecessary for such stereotype formation. In one study, people were asked to describe the traits of a number of ethnic groups, including several fictional ones. Although they had never met a Danerian, a Pirenian, or a Wallonian, this did not inhibit them from assigning traits, and those they assigned were usually unfavourable!24 Such stereotypes often contain contradictory elements. A common reaction is to describe a particular group as being too lazy, while at the same time criticizing it for taking one’s job opportunities away. There is a remarkable shortage of serious research into racial and ethnic matters in organizations.25 Nevertheless, what follows is a sample of some typical findings. Just getting in the door can be a problem. For example: The Urban Institute www.urban.org The Urban Institute sent out teams of black and white job applicants with equal credentials. The men applied for the same entry-level jobs in Chicago and Washington, D.C., within hours of each other. They were the same age and physical size, had identical education and work experience,...
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