3 bruners model of the perceptual process and an

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Unformatted text preview: e Unfamiliar target encountered New co-worker Openness to target cues Observation; search for information Familiar cues encountered Co-worker is Stanford graduate with good grades Target categorized Co-worker is ”good man” with “great potential” Cue selectivity Co-worker’s poor performance ignored or distorted Categorization strengthened Co-worker is still “good man” with “great potential” Jerome Bruner and Theory www.gwu.edu/~tip/bruner.html Exhibit 3.3 Bruner’s model of the perceptual process and an example. 72 Individual Behaviour Part Two might provide information about him. In the course of her cue search, she discovers that he has a Master’s degree in aeronautical engineering from Stanford University, and that he graduated with top grades. These are familiar cues because she knows that Stanford is a top school in the field, and she has worked with many excellent Stanford graduates. She then proceeds to categorize her new co-worker as a “good man” with “great potential.” With these perceptions, she takes...
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