34 women were discriminated against for promotion to

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Unformatted text preview: that both men and women of varying age, education, and work experience still describe a good manager as possessing predominantly masculine characteristics.33 Granting that gender stereotypes exist, do they lead to biased human resource decisions? The answer would appear to be yes. In a typical study, researchers asked male bank supervisors to make hypothetical decisions about workers who were described equivalently except for gender.34 Women were discriminated against for promotion to a branch manager’s position. They were also discriminated against when they requested to attend a professional development conference. In addition, female supervisors were less likely than their male counterparts to receive support for their request that a problem employee be fired. In one case, bias worked to favour women. The bank supervisors were more likely to approve a request for a leave of absence to care for one’s children when it came from a female. This finding 83 84 Exhibit 3.6 Percentages of women in senior level positions in Canadian organizations. Sources: Women still find slow rise to power positions. The Globe and Mail, pp. B1, B7; Johne, M. (2002, June 14). Dynamic...
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