4 use bruners perceptual model exhibit 33 to explain

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Unformatted text preview: workplace diversity. List some of the advantages gained by organizations that effectively manage a diverse workforce. Integrative Discussion Questions Discussion Questions 1. Discuss how differences in the experiences of students and professors might affect their perceptions of students’ written work and class comments. 2. Using implicit personality theory, explain how physical attractiveness influences job-related outcomes in employment interviews and performance appraisals. 3. Discuss the occupational stereotypes that you hold of computer programmers, the clergy, truck drivers, bartenders, and bankers. How do you think these stereotypes have developed? Has an occupational stereotype ever caused you to commit a socially embarrassing error when meeting someone for the first time? 1. Describe how the principles of operant and social learning theory can be used to manage workplace diversity and reduce the effects of workplace stereotypes. How can the organizational learning practices described in Chapter 2 be used for managing diversity and stereotype reduction? 2. Consider how th...
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