40 evidently people view token women as less capable

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Unformatted text preview: aluations. On the other hand, hiring and promotion decisions might confront managers with ambiguous targets or situations and prompt them to resort to gender stereotypes in forming impressions. Furthermore, when women Chapter 3 Perception, Attribution, and Judgment of Others make up a very small proportion of an employee group (15–20 percent) they tend to suffer a “tokenism” effect that exaggerates the effect of stereotypes.39 Under such circumstances, research shows that women’s performance appraisals suffer.40 Evidently people view token women as less capable of doing a “man’s” job. Age Stereotypes. Another kind of stereotype that presents problems for organizations is the age stereotype. Knowing that a person falls into a certain age range, we have a tendency to make certain assumptions about the person’s physical, psychological, and intellectual capabilities. What is the nature of work-related age stereotypes? Older workers are seen as having less capacity for performance. They tend to be viewe...
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