44 these decisions reflect the stereotypes of the

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Unformatted text preview: n affect decisions regarding hiring, promotion, and skills development. In one study, researchers had university students make hypothetical recommendations regarding younger and older male workers. An older man was less likely to be hired for a finance job that required rapid, high-risk decisions. An older man was considered less promotable for a marketing position that required creative solutions to difficult problems. Finally, an older worker was less likely to be permitted to attend a conference on advanced production systems.44 These decisions reflect the stereotypes of the older worker depicted above, and they are doubtless indicative of the tendency for older employees to be laid off during corporate restructuring. A public awareness campaign to combat age stereotypes and discrimination sponsored by Canada’s Association for the Fifty-Plus and the Ontario Human Rights Commission featured this poster with the tag line: “Nobody has a shelf life.” 85 86 Ontario Human Rights Commissi...
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