61 of course equality and diversity programs such as

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Unformatted text preview: ictors and consequences of perceived organizational support. What can organizations do to develop employee perceptions of organizational support? One study found that supportive human resource practices that demonstrate an investment in employees and recognition of employee contributions are most likely to lead to the development of greater POS. Such practices signal to employees that the organization values and cares about them. Some examples of supportive human resource practices include participation in decision making, opportunities for growth and development, and a fair reward and recognition system.61 Of course, equality and diversity programs such as those at the Bank of Montreal are also good examples of how an organization invests in its employees and develops POS. Person Perception in the Selection Interview You have probably had the pleasure (or displeasure!) of sitting through one or more job interviews in your life. After all, the interview is one of the most common organizational selection devices, applied with equal opportunity to applicants for everything from the janitorial staff to the executive suite. With our futures on the line, we would like to think that the interview is a fair and accurate selection device, but is it? Res...
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