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Unformatted text preview: s committed to their careers because they have babies and leave the bank while their children are young. It was believed that more women needed to be better educated to compete in significant numbers with men and that women don’t have the “the right stuff” to compete for more senior jobs. Second, the task force discovered that the bank had failed to provide 67 The Bank of Montreal has received many awards for its Workplace Equality Programs since 1990 when CEO Tony Comper made a commitment to give all employees equal opportunity to reach their career potential. Today, the BMO is a model for how to tie workplace diversity to business success. women with the encouragement, opportunities, and the information they needed to advance in their careers. Third, the bank had been unsupportive of employees’ personal and family commitments, something that most severely affected women with children. In order to remove these barriers, a number of actions were taken. To dispel the myths and faulty stereotypes about the bank’s women employees, a document that contained the bank’s workforce s...
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