70 furthermore there is also some evidence that a

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Unformatted text preview: use of this, human resource spets have explored various techniques for reducing perceptual errors and biases. There has been a tendency to attempt to reduce rater errors by using rating scales with more specific behavioural labels. The assumption here is that giving specific examples of effective and ineffective performance will facilitate the rater’s perceptual processes and recall. Exhibit 3.10 shows a behaviourally anchored rating scale that gives very specific behavioural examples (from top to bottom) of good, average, and poor customer service. It was developed for the J.C. Penney Company. With such an aid, the rater might be less likely to be susceptible to perceptual errors when completing the rating task, although the evidence for this is mixed.70 Furthermore, there is also some evidence that a performance appraisal system that accurately measures employees’ performance and ties it to rewards can increase employees’ perceptions of trust toward management.71 Learning Objectives Checklist 1. Perception involves interpreting the input from our senses to provide meaning to our environment, and any...
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