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79 consistency smith jones kelley high high low

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Unformatted text preview: the boss is nasty. Finally, Kelley’s absence is inconsistent. In addition, it is similar to that of coworkers and not distinctive, in that he was inconsistently absent on his previous job as well. As shown, this combination of cues suggests that some temporary, short- Chapter 3 79 Perception, Attribution, and Judgment of Others Consistency Consensus Distinctiveness Likely Attribution Smith High Low Low Disposition Jones High High High Situation Kelley Low High Low Exhibit 3.4 Cue combinations and resulting attributions. Temporary Situation term situational factor causes his absence. It is possible that a sick child occasionally requires him to stay home. Biases in Attribution As the preceding section indicates, observers often operate in a rational, logical manner in forming attributions about behaviour. The various cue combinations and the resulting attributions have a sensible appearance. This does not mean that such attributions are always correct, but that they do represent good bets about why some b...
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