82 exhibit 35 competitive advantages to valuing and

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Unformatted text preview: ty. Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes. Racial and ethnic stereotypes are pervasive, persistent, frequently negative, and often self-contradictory. Most of us hold at least some stereotypical views of other races or cultures. Over the years, such stereotypes exhibit remarkable stability unless some major event, such as a war, intervenes to change them. Then, former allies can acquire negative attributes in short order. 81 82 Exhibit 3.5 Competitive advantages to valuing and managing a diverse workforce. Individual Behaviour Part Two As organizations become more diverse, the cost of a poor job in integrating workers will increase. Those who handle this well will thus create cost advantages over those who don’t. 2. Resource-Acquisition Argument Companies develop reputations on favourability as prospective employers for women and ethnic minorities. Those with the best reputations for managing diversity will win the competition for the best personnel. As the labour pool shrinks and changes composition, this edge will become increasingly important. 3. Marketin...
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