A monitoring system was also set up to ensure that

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Unformatted text preview: icular positions, and more flexible work arrangements. A monitoring system was also set up to ensure that the bank would examine the rate of women’s advancement on a regular basis. Within two years, there were substantial gains in the percentages of women at all management levels, and by 1997, 23 percent of executives were women, up from 7.5 percent in 1991. The women’s equality initiatives led to an overhaul of the entire diversity system at the bank. Within 13 months of the women’s task force, the bank created task forces on the hiring Bank of Montreal www.bmo.com 68 and advancement of aboriginal people, people with disabilities, and members of visible minorities. Once again, it was found that a major barrier involved misperceptions and myths. For example, the task force found that there existed a perception that persons with disabilities were less productive, took more sick leave, and were not qualified. The task force dealt with these misperceptions with information and action plans. For example, managers received training to...
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