After all people with similar backgrounds or

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Unformatted text preview: nce of information to the contrary, and sometimes in spite of it, people often assume that others are like themselves. This tendency to attribute one’s own thoughts and feelings to others is called projection. In some cases, projection is an efficient and sensible perceptual strategy. After all, people with similar backgrounds or interests often do think and feel similarly. Thus, it is not unreasonable for a capitalistic businessperson to assume that other businesspeople favour the free enterprise system and disapprove of government intervention in this system. However, projection can also lead to perceptual difficulties. The chairperson who feels that an issue has been resolved and perceives committee members to feel the same way might be very surprised when a vote is taken. The honest warehouse manager who perceives others as honest might find stock disappearing. In the case of threatening or undesirable characteristics, projection can serve as a form of perceptual defence. The dishonest worker might say, “Sure I steal from the company, but so does everyone else.” Such perceptions can be used to justify the p...
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