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Unformatted text preview: The starting salaries of male graduates receiving the highest attractiveness rating were approximately $5,000 a year more than those receiving the lowest attractiveness rating. After five years, those receiving the highest rating earned $10,000 more than those receiving the lowest rating. Attractiveness had no impact on starting salaries of women but was related to later salaries, although not as strongly as for men. For each increment in attractiveness on the five-point scale, women earned $2,000 more in salary five years later. Source: Excerpted from Stone, E. F., Stone D. L., &. Dipboye, R. L. (1992). Stigmas in organizations: Race, handicaps, and physical unattractiveness. In: K. Kelley (Ed.), Issues, theory, and research in industrial/organizational psychology. New York: Elsevier, 419–420; McFarland, J. (1996, January 23). The ugly truth: Looks count. The Globe and Mail, p. B12. 74 Individual Behaviour Part Two likely than unattractive people to be hired, given good performanc...
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