And because pg only promotes from within retention

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Unformatted text preview: leaving the company at an alarming rate. In 1991, a study of employee turnover uncovered the fact that two of every three good performers who quit the company were women. And because P&G only promotes from within, retention was a critical issue. However, female employees noticed that there were not a lot of women who had families moving up. In 1993, a task force of seasoned brand managers attacked the problem. In exit interviews, many women said they were leaving to spend more time with family. But the task force nonetheless decided to survey women that P&G regretted losing. The results were surprising. Of 50 women, only two had dropped out of the workforce. They had not left to be stay-at-home mothers. Instead, they Procter & Gamble Situational attributions. Explanations for behaviour based on an actor’s external situation or environment. Part Two Changing Perceptions and Keeping Women at Procter & Gamble Co. went to other high-profile, high-stress jobs, working more hou...
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