Are there any person perception biases that might

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Unformatted text preview: fect me more than some other reps—maybe I didn’t get a fair shake … maybe … Squire: [frustrated] Back to that again, Jack? [Picks up the printout] Let’s look at the facts. You can’t avoid these figures, Jack! At this point Jack rose from his chair. His knees were trembling as he walked toward Bill Squire’s desk. Leaning over the desk, Jack spoke firmly, “I don’t give a damn about your figures.” He turned and walked out of the office. From outside, Bill heard a door slam. Noticing that his watch read 8:57, Bill sighed. He thought, at least it didn’t take over a half hour. Lots of work to do today. (Bill picks up the computer printout.) It’ll be nice to talk to these 13 reps. They know what sales and hard work are all about. (He shakes his head.) If only Jack had been able to open up … Source: This case was prepared by Professor Brendan D. Bannister and Carol A. Pilo, Northeastern University. Co...
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