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As i was saying the territory reassignments have

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Unformatted text preview: uple of weeks ago. Kathy Burgess in purchasing at McGabe Company wrote me a letter saying you hadn’t been in contact with them for over a month. Andy, who used to have that account, visited them weekly. How can you hope to make the quota if you don’t make contact with the customer? Adams: Andy had that account when the territory was onethird as big and … Squire: All right, Jack, I realize the territory reassignments have affected reps a little bit … Adams [excitedly]: A little bit … Squire [raising his hand]: Hold on, hold on—let me finish. As I was saying, the territory reassignments have meant adjusting. But, Jack, that means hard Jack felt a lot of pressure in the back of his neck. His face felt flushed. Open up, he thought to himself, I don’t even know this guy. This is what I get after 15 years. He breathed deeply. Adams: [calmly] Couldn’t we try this again. I may have had more trouble than others with the change in territories … [pause] … I guess it’s possible. But maybe, just maybe, the reassignment did af...
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