As a result pos has a number of positive consequences

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Unformatted text preview: ccording to organizational support theory, employees who have strong perceptions of organizational support feel an obligation to care about the organization’s Chapter 3 Perception, Attribution, and Judgment of Others 89 welfare and to help the organization achieve its objectives. They feel a greater sense of purpose and meaning and a strong sense of belonging to the organization. As a result, employees’ incorporate their membership and role within the organization into their social identity. In addition, when POS is strong, employees feel obligated to reciprocate the organization’s care and support. As a result, POS has a number of positive consequences for employees and organizations. Research has found that employees who have greater POS have higher job performance and are more satisfied with their jobs, more committed to the organization, and less likely to be absent from work and to quit. They are also more likely to have a positive mood at work and to be more involved in their job, and less likely to experience strain symptoms such as fatigue, burnout, anxiety, and headaches.60 Exhibit 3.7 shows the major pred...
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